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How to sign up as a user

Before you start buying and selling cryptocurrencies on our platform, you have to register by following the steps below:

  1. . Visit our Bit2Me portal to access our platform. All you have to do is go to the Access section or click on this link.

  2. We click on the Register button. Enter your email and password. Accept the terms and conditions that we present to you. Then you just have to click on the Register button.

  3. Once you have registered, enter your email and you will find this Bit2Me message to verify your account. Click on Confirm Email. If the button doesn't work, copy the attached link to your browser to confirm it. In this easy and simple way you will have your email account verified. (If you haven't received the message yet, click the Resend Email button. Remember to check your spam folder as well.)

  4. When you confirm your account, you can edit your profile, create a username, and link your phone number if you wish.

  5. Congratulations, you are already a Bit2Me user! After registering you are one step closer to cryptocurrencies. If you want to give the following click on the button below to start with the creation of your wallet in Bit2Me Wallet. CREATE PURSE NOW!

TIPS: Create a strong and secure password

Bit2Me Wallet is a very secure wallet where you can store your cryptocurrencies and handle them as you wish. But that security also depends on using a strong and secure password for your account. Therefore, we recommend that you take into account the following criteria for your password:

  • Do not use personal data for your password. Do not use your name, neither your ID number, neither phone numbers, neither your date of birth. Any data that can be easily associated with you.
  • Use alphanumeric password, with special characters, lowercase and uppercase. In other words, put numbers and letters together with special characters, this will ensure that the password is secure.
  • Do not give your passwords to anyone,  manage your wallets personally. Remember: IT'S YOUR MONEY.

Why verify your Bit2Me account?

At Bit2Me we comply with all the legal requirements of the European Union for our operation, which includes a complete KYC (Know Your Client) service and a strong strategy to avoid money laundering (AML). That is why we have a personal data verification service that you can complete in three simple steps and which you can access from this link. Our recommendation is that you carry out this process in order to enjoy all of our services.

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