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How to sign up as a user

*Important Notice:

Due to local restrictions of the user's country, some users may not be accepted. If your user account can not be accepted (for example your country does not allow us to accept you) your account will be stored waiting for your local regulation to change and then you will be notified.


The validation process time is not fixed and may vary. Normally they are less than 24 working hours but this time, depending on the workload or detailed review, may vary. We ask for your patience at that point.

STEP 1: Access the registration page

You can directly access the user registration page by clicking here.

This page is accessible through the web using the button ‘Login’ located in the upper right part of the Bit2Me website, which is shown in the image.

After clicking on the button ‘To access’ a window will appear where you can enter your data to access or click on the button ‘Register’
Click on that button to access.

STEP 2: Complete the first part of the record

On the registration page you will be asked to enter the following information:
Name, Last name, eMail, Password

Please make sure that you enter the correct email and password.
The electronic mail will be indispensable to be able to change and recover the password in case of loss.

Verify that you are not a robot and accept the conditions by clicking on each box marked for it.

Click on the button to ‘Sign up’

STEP 3: Complete the second part of the registration

To complete the registration it will be necessary to upload two photos that will serve to verify your identity.

Please make sure you send the documentation correctly so that the account is verified quickly.

Extra Tip: You have buttons that say ‘Show examples’, If you have doubts about how to make the photos, click on them.

When you have uploaded the images, click on the '' button that says ‘Finish’.

At that time the web will inform you that your registration has been made correctly.
In the same way, you will receive an email informing that your account is waiting for the validation of the identity.

STEP 4: Wait for us to validate your account*

From here we will proceed to validate your identity and if everything is in order, you will receive a confirmation email of the validation of your account and you will be able to access Bit2Me and use our service.

Only validated users can access with their credentials and perform operations within Bit2Me..

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