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What do I do if a payment error message appears?

IMPORTANT: Only VISA and MASTERCARD debit/ credit cards with 3D Secure are supported. 


If a failure message appears after entering your credit or debit card information for purchase, it is highly likely that it is an external problem unrelated to us.  


For reasons unrevealed for security and discretion purposes, credit and debit card entities reserve the right to refuse to execute some payments if a detail of the transaction seems “strange” 

This can be done for a variety of reasons, such as: purchases in countries or continents different from the bank or card issuer, purchases in companies with activity not recognizable by the issuing entity, quantities of unusual purchases and many more… 

In this situation, please contact your bank or credit card provider to explain the type of payment you are trying to make and provide details that will clarify what happened and allow you to complete the payment.  

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