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How to make a sale of bitcoins through SEPA transfer?

STEP 1: Choose how you would like to receive the money 

If you have a bank account in the SEPA program and you have an IBAN go to the ‘Sell’ section and choose the method of receiving money as ‘European Transfer’

STEP 2: Fill in the data to complete the sales order 

2.1 Specify how many euros you want to receive: 

Below the payment options you must put how many euros you are going to send for the bitcoin purchase.

2.2 Indicate the bank account number or IBAN 

Please, verify that the IBAN is correct and pertains to a bank account that you have full control over. 

2.3 Enter the receiver’s name

Enter the same name as the recipient's account holder title. 

STEP 3: Push the button ‘Sell’ 

On the same page, after filling in the information you will find an informative summary of your sales order.
Review the information provided and press ‘Sell’ When you do, it will take you to the page where we will ask you to send us the bitcoins equivalent of the euros that you will receive. 

STEP 4: Send the bitcoins to the address we provide*

After step 3, you will go to a page where you can send us bitcoins.
You must copy the exact amount indicated and send it to the address that we provide in the box directly below the amount to send. 

It is very important that you send the bitcoins within the 20 minutes we give you to make the transaction.

Once received, we will give you 60 minutes to confirm, through the bitcoin network, that the transaction has been received.  

STEP 5: Wait for network confirmation**

If you have completed the bitcoin transaction in the 20 minutes provided to you, a page will appear with a 60 minute countdown.

To confirm the transaction during this time, a message will appear on the screen informing you that we have received the bitcoins. 

STEP 6: The money is sent to your bank account

When the previous steps have been adequately completed and the bitcoins have been sent and confirmed by the network, your sale will be made and an order of euros issued to your bank account. Afterwards, within 24 hours the money will be operational in your bank. 

Very important information to keep in mind

*WARNING 1: PAY WITHIN THE TIME: You must complete the delivery in time. 

**WARNING 2: ADD THE CORRECT NET RATE: Make sure that you mark the optimal commission so that the transaction confirmation is made as soon as possible. 


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