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How to make a sale of bitcoins with SWIFT transfer?

STEP 1: Choose how you want to receive the money and indicate the amount to be received

If you have a bank account in a non-European country or are outside the SEPA area, go to the ‘Sell’ section and choose ‘International Transfer’ as the method for receiving the money.  

Just below there is a box to write the amount of euros you would like to receive. 

Next to the euros you will see the equivalent amount in bitcoins that you are going to sell. 

You can indicate what you want in the field and the other field will adjust automatically as a function of the exchange rate at the moment. 

STEP 2: Fill in all the data for the transfer 

2.1 Indicate your account number:
Please, verify that the account number is correct and pertains to an account under your control.

2.2 Indicate the SWIFT or BIC code

The SWIFT code (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication), also known as BIC code (Bank Identifier Code) is an alphanumeric combination of 8 to 11 digits, used to identify the bank destination for the bank transfer or direct debit at the international level.

2.3 Enter the receiver’s name

Put the same name as is used for the bank account receiving the money. 

2.4 Enter the name of the bank receiving the money 

Specify the correct and complete name of the bank entity where you will receive the money. 

2.5 Indicate the country where the bank account is located 

Enter the name of country where you have the bank account. 

2.6 Enter the receiving country 

Enter the name of the country of the account holder.

2.7 Indicate the address of the person receiving the money 

Enter the home address of the person receiving the money. 

STEP 3: Push the button, ‘Sell’

On the same page, after you fill out the information you will find an informative summary of your sale order. 

Review the information provided and push ‘Vender’

When you do, you will continue to a page where we ask that you send us the bitcoin amount equivalent to the euros that you are going to receive. 

STEP 4: Send the bitcoins to the address provided 

After step 3, you will go to a page to complete the sending of bitcoins.
You must copy the exact amount we indicate and send it to the address we provide to you in the box just below the amount to send.  

 It is very important that you send the bitcoins within the 20 minutes that we give you to complete the transaction. 

Once received, we will give you 60 minutes to receive a confirmation through the Bitcoin network. 

STEP 5: Wait for a confirmation from the network**

If you have completed the bitcoin transaction in the 20 minutes provided to you, a page will appear with a 60 minute countdown. 

To confirm the transaction during this time, a message will appear on the screen informing you that we have received the bitcoins. 

STEP 6: The money is sent to the indicated bank account

When the previous steps have been adequately completed and the bitcoins have been sent and confirmed by the network, your sale will be made and an order of euros issued to your bank account. Afterwards, within 24 hours the money will be operational in your bank.  

Very important information to keep in mind

WARNING 1: PAY WITHIN THE TIME: You must complete the delivery in time. 


WARNING 2: ADD THE CORRECT MINERS COMMISSION: Make sure that you mark the correct commission so that the transaction confirmation is made as soon as possible.


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