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How to redeem a tikebit code through Bit2Me?

Get cryptocurrencies with cash close to home. 

Tikebit is a tool that allows you to obtain cryptocurrencies without using banks or credit cards. 

Tikebit is a coupon that you can buy in a local store in your city and later redeem it for bitcoins on the platforms that allow it. 

Local businesses form part of this network. With them you can buy tikebit. 

Official website: https://www.tikebit.com

Step 1: Locate your nearest Tikebit point

If you do not know which is the closest official Tikebit point you can use the following map to locate it. 


In the store buy a tikebit with the value you want up to 1000 euros.

It is necessary to identify yourself and be registered on Bit2Me.

Step 2: Select the cryptocurrency 

Agree to the Purchase Cryptocurrencies section of Bit2Me and indicate what cryptocurrency you want to buy. 

Step 3: Choose the payment method

Choose the payment method ‘Tikebit’

Step 4: Fill out the information to submit the purchase order 

4.1 Specify how many euros you want to spend with your code:

Just below the options for the payment method, you must put how many euros you want to spend with your tikebit code. 

4.2 Indicate which address we should the cryptocurrencies to:

Please, verify the address provided is correct, that you have complete control of it, and that you can access the cryptocurrencies we send. 

If you do not understand the basic information on creating addresses to store your cryptocurrencies or managing a wallet, we recommend that you study it before making any purchase. 

The mining rate is NOT charged by Bit2Me, but is charged by each cryptocurrency network for its use and is exclusive to the miners confirming your transaction. 

Important Notice:

With this payment method, the exchange rate that Bit2Me uses at the time of the purchase is applied to the tikebit balance. 

Step 5: Press the Buy Button 

On the same page, after filling out all the information you will find a purchase summary, the amount you will pay in euros, the estimated bitcoins you will receive, the processing costs, and a purchase button. 

Review the information provided and press ‘Buy'

Step 6: Receive the cryptocurrencies in your wallet

When you press the ‘Buy’ button, cryptocurrencies are automatically sent to your wallet. 

Once the transaction is confirmed by your blockchain, the cryptocurrencies will be completely yours. 

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