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What do I do if I have not put the correct reference?

To identify your purchase, it is necessary whenever you add the text that we indicate to you in your transfer as Subject / Reference.

Keep in mind that the text you are asked to add is always different.
Although everyone starts the same, everyone ends up with a different code.

Example of Subject / Reference: PURCHASE BIT2ME.COM - ABZ132

But, what happens if you have entered the reference incorrectly?

In that case, you must email us to: 

On the email you must attached the following documents:

- A photo where we can see you holding up:

1. With one hand, the proof of transfer without blocking any of the information, and where the reference that should have been included is visible.

2. With your other hand, the front of your identity card.

In case of this  picture not being sent, the money will be returned to the account of origin.

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