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Why haven't I been able to affiliate properly?

Updated on Thu, 18 Mar, 2021 at 2:46 PM

Some of the main reasons may be one of the following:

  1. The sent link is incorrect

    Check the link and verify that it contains all the characters.

  2. The person that received the link did not use it

    Often times when someone sends an affiliate link to another person or publishes it online, the person that received the link goes directly to the Bit2Me website by entering the principle URL in the browser or by searching for our name in Google. This usually happens when the link is shared on social networks, WhatsApp, or Telegram where you can see the typical summary view of the link, which shows the name of the website and a basic description of the page directed by the link.

  3. The person receiving the link does not accept or delete cookies

    In addition, if you send the affiliate link to a person who opens it in a browser that does not accept cookies or that has disabled the option to accept cookies there will not be proof that the person that creates the account with Bit2Me was referred by a third party.

    In the same way, you can send the referral link to a person that visits the website with your link but they may not register right away and instead will register later. If the browser blocks the use of cookies when they close the session, they will not register as an affiliate if they do not return through the same link in a browser that accepts cookies.

Important Notes

  • Make sure that the configuration of the affiliated link is correct.
  • If you share it with family and friends, please, make sure that they enter the website through this link in a browsing session that accepts cookies.
  • We do not manually refer any user account to another.

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