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How to know the status of a cryptocurrency transaction?

Updated on Fri, 8 Jul, 2022 at 3:22 PM

In order to see the status of one transaction, you just have to access the block explorer of the currency you want to see and enter the crypto address in the search field or the ID of the exact transaction.

Once inside the crypto address, you can select the transaction you need and see its status (Confirmed or Not confirmed) and its details (size in bytes, mining fee paid, total amount sent to destination address, etc...)

Find below some Block Explorers where you can check

Basic information about Block Explorers:

One of the main characteristics and advantages of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies compared to traditional monetary systems is that they have their own account book and it's open and distributed, that means that the network status of each cryptocurrency can be checked at any time and of course whole transaction status can be seen.

The network that makes possible bitcoin transactions and performs the function of a public and global account book is called blockchain.
The blockchain of Bitcoin is the first one created for this purpose.
That's why the websites that provide us information about blockchain transactions are called block explorers in the world of cryptocurrencies.

As Bitcoin is based on open source, anyone can audit what happens within the network.
These pages take the information that Bitcoin network constantly emits and make it visible and understandable for all types of users through its website. In this way the information Bitcoin network transactions is accessible in an open way for anyone who wants to see them.

There are several sites that offer the block explorer service, they usually vary in the design and the amount of information they provide about each bitcoin address and the transactions associated with it.
There are block explorers that show the information of the transactions within the network of one cryptocurrency (such as Bitcoin) and others that show two or more cryptocurrency networks.

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