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How much time does it take for the money to reach your bank account?

24 hours minimum
72 hours minimum

The money is sent once the sale has been successfully completed and the cryptocurrencies are confirmed at the address we provided on the payment page. 

You should keep in mind that banks do not send money instantaneously and instead take a while to complete transfers. 

In fact, it may take several days after we execute the transfer for the money to arrive in your bank account. 

How long can it take to get a bank transfer?

1. Minimum time for SEPA transfers:  24 labor hours*

2. Minimum time for SWIFT transfers:  72 labor hours**


* SEPA transfers take an average of 24 working hours to arrive in our bank account.

**International bank transfers are usually slow and can take more than 24 working hours, or even several days, to reach their destination.

It is important to understand the bank schedules:

For example, if you complete a sale on Friday, it is possible that your money will not arrive in your bank until Tuesday. This is a normal occurrence for all of the banks. 

This is because our bank may have stopped sending orders on Friday at 2:00 PM and did not send the money until Monday morning, at which time they would start counting the 24 hours.

At the same time, there is a time in every working day when the banks stop processing transfer requests, normally after 2:00 PM, and the pending requests will be processed the following day.

To know more about the operational details of your bank, please contact them through the methods they have provided to you. 


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