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Recomended wallets

To receive, store and send cryptocurrencies you need a wallet.
These purses create "addresses." The "addresses" are similar to the bank account numbers in the traditional world of banks.
That is, just by giving your address to someone can send you cryptocurrencies.
Delivering your address does not entail any risk of theft of funds.


  1. Each cryptocurrency has its own address format, so each cryptocurrency requires a different purse.
  2. Although several cryptocurrencies can share the type of address (for example, Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash), if you send Bitcoin Cash to a Bitcoin address and you do not have access to private keys, you WILL NOT BE ABLE to manage those cryptocurrencies.
  3. Yes, there are multi-currency purses although not as professional.

Then we leave a recommended purse for each cryptocurrency that supports Bit2Me. They are not the only ones that exist, but they are the ones we like the most for different reasons besides being open source.

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