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How to make a purchase by reloading the balance?

STEP 0: Verify that you have a balance in your Bit2Me account 

To use this payment method, you must have previously loaded your Euro Wallet with a deposit through bank transfer. 

To learn how to reload your balance in your Bit2Me user account, visit the following link: 

How to reload your balance in your Bit2Me account?


The benefits of this payment method for purchases are the following:


  • You can use your balance as you see fit:
    You decide the amount, currency, and when to buy. You will no longer have to issue a new transfer for every purchase you make

  • There is not a reload limit:
    You can reload the amount that you feel is best.

  • You can make purchases up to 50,000 € every day:
    This method is ideal if you need to make a high volume purchase


STEP 1: Select the cryptocurrency 

The first step will be to indicate what cryptocurrency you want to buy. 




STEP 2: Choose the payment method 

Then you must select the payment method, in this case “Balance”




STEP 3: Fill in the information to complete the purchase order 

3.1 Specify how many euros you want to pay

Just below the payment method options, you must put how many euros you are going to send to purchase the cryptocurrencies. 


3.2 Indicate the address we should send the cryptocurrencies to

Please, verify that the address provided is correct, that you have full control over it, and will be able to access the cryptocurrencies we send. 

If you do not know the basic information for creating addresses or managing a wallet, we recommend you understand this before making any purchase. 



STEP 4: Push the button “Buy” 

On the same page, after filling in the information, you will find a summary of your purchase, the total you will pay in euros, and a purchase button. 

Review the given information and press “Buy” 



STEP 5: Review the information and confirm the purchase 

After step 4, you will see a popup window with a summary of your purchase so you can ensure that everything is correct. 

If yes, click the “Buy” button 


When you click on “Buy” you will see the following message confirming your purchase request has been completed correctly. 



STEP 6: Receive the cryptocurrencies in your wallet

The cryptocurrencies will automatically be sent to your wallet. 


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