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Verify my credit/debit/prepaid card

May be you already know, at Bit2Me we care the most for the safety of our clients. In order to avoid a card to be used fraudulently, we need to verify that the card is yours.

Instructions for verification:

  1. Take a photo of the front part of your debit / credit / prepaid card (you can cover up the first 12 numbers).
  2. Take another photo of yourself holding your card and your ID Document/ Passport (You can cover the first 12 digits of the card. You must see your face, the card and the identity document).
  3. Send the two photos to info@bit2me.com

You must send the photos with legible quality and without any retouching. 

Once your photos are received, Bit2Me will verify the validity of the photos. After being reviewed your purchase will be processed and your card will be verified.

From that moment all your purchases with this card will be processed instantly automatically. On the contrary, if your card is not accepted, the purchase will be rejected and the payment will be refunded, which will arrive within the normal bank management period (24/48 business hours).

We are sorry that the process is so strict, we are aware of it, and we would love to reduce it, but cybercrime is growing rapidly and we do not want our clients to be at risk with their money.

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