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How to link my referrals?

Updated on Tue, 4 May, 2021 at 4:39 PM

At Bit2Me we have developed a win-win affiliation system where everyone wins: we win, you win, your affiliates win, your affiliates' affiliates win... and furthermore, the more you get the more you win.
What is the difference between an affiliate and a referral?

  • The affiliate: is the person who signs up in Bit2Me and wants to make a profit based on commissions.
  • The referral is the person who signs up from a link shared by the affiliate in order to operate in Bit2Me.

A user can be linked automatically only during the next 30 days when opening the referral link (from the same device) or manually, during the next 7 days after registration, so no further affiliation would be allowed.

In order a user to be affiliated to another one, it can be done in the following ways:

  • automatically: via a referral link or QR code
  • manually: by linking through an affiliation code

The first method is automatic: with a LINK or QR CODE.

  1. The affiliate has to provide his code to his referral, found in his affilate panel by clicking on the SHARING CODE button.

  2. A window with affiliation link will pop up and below a QR image which we can download to share with friends, family etc.... and also post it on FACEBOOK, LINKEDIN.....

  3. Once the referral opens the link, he will be able to sign up directly, since this link is registered in the computer as a COOKIE.

  4. The affiliate has to check up his affiliate panel to make sure his referral appears there. If not,  the manually steps can be followed.

The second method: manually through your user profile:

  1. The affiliate has to provide his code to his referral, which can be found in his affiliate panel by clicking on the SHARING CODE button.

  2. From the section: OTHER WAYS TO SHARE a code will appear

  3. The referral has to access his PROFILE panel, and click on LINK YOU AS A REFERRAL.

  4. A window will pop up  where system will ask to paste the affilate code.

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