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B2M Operations

How can I buy B2M token?
Thu, 28 Oct, 2021 at 4:31 PM
What are the advantages of having B2M Token?
Rewards One of the main advantages of having the B2M TOKEN is the rewards that are applied in Wallet operations. Depending on the amount of tokens...
Tue, 18 Jan, 2022 at 3:45 PM
Can I withdraw the tokens from the platform once I bought them?
After the end of the ICO phase, it will be possible to send the tokens to another platform, but not to trade them until the end of the Lock Up tim...
Tue, 3 Aug, 2021 at 9:36 AM
What is the transfer cost for the Bit2me token?
The transaction cost will depend on the traffic on the Ethereum Network and the cost of Gas at the time of the transfer. It is not a fixed cost, b...
Tue, 3 Aug, 2021 at 9:38 AM
In order to send the Bit2Me token as it is an ERC20, will I need to have Ethereum in my wallet?
It is ERC20. No, the fee will be discounted in tokens, just like the rest of the ERC20 tokens we currently have in Bit2Me Wallet.
Fri, 15 Oct, 2021 at 12:41 PM