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How to reload your balance in your Bit2Me account?

To reload the balance and use the payment method “Balance”, you must complete the following steps: 


STEP 1: Go to the section “Balance”

In this section you will find instructions on how to complete the bank transfer through which you will send us the money.  

Here you will see the bank details and unique personal reference that you must include when making the transfer.



STEP 2: Complete the transfer 

Once you have obtained the information in Step 1, complete the transfer from your bank account to ours. 


STEP 3: Balance Validation

When the money arrives in our account, the balance will automatically validate and be reflected in your Bit2Me user account. 

You can see your balance in the number that appears next to your name, or by clicking on the “Balance” section. 



STEP 4: Make a purchase instantly

Once the balance is validated in your Bit2Me user account, you can invest it as you wish, buying cryptocurrencies instantly, in the moment that you want without having to validate a new transfer for every purchase. 


To see the tutorial on how to complete this step, visit the following link: 

How to make a purchase using the Bit2Me Balance (Euro Wallet) payment method? 

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