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Do I still own the cryptocurrencies used as collateral?

Updated on Mon, 22 May, 2023 at 5:08 PM

Yes, in no case do you lose ownership of the cryptocurrencies put forward as collateral, except when your positions is liquidated. The settlement of a loan or the 'LTV price execution' will be established by default at 85% of the principal's value. That is, when the relationship between the principal and the collateral reaches 85% (principal value 85 over a collateral value of 100). Or in other words, when the collateral reaches the point where it represents 117.65% of the value of the principal lent.

Any liquidation will be associated with a liquidation fee (derived from the management and sale of the collateral at the current market price): 2% of the outstanding principal with a minimum of €100 in the equivalent value of the crypto deposited as collateral.

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