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Bit2Me Pricing and Fee Disclosures

Updated on Wed, 24 May, 2023 at 11:18 AM

Bit2Me offers a free euro and cryptocurrency wallet service. This means that we will store your coins free of charge.

Euro wallet: This is the wallet used to store the deposits made by the client in euros, or the amount of the cryptocurrencies sold or accumulated benefits of refferals already withdrawn.

"Cryptocurrency" means any virtual currency currently supported by Bit2Me. We do not charge for transferring cryptocurrencies from one Bit2Me wallet to another Bit2Me wallet.

Bit2Me pays network transaction fees, such as mining fees for transactions on cryptocurrency networks (i.e. sending cryptocurrencies outside the Bit2Me platform). For these transactions, Bit2Me does not apply any fees, however given the network cost, a mining fee is applied based on an advance estimate depending on various factors. In certain circumstances, the fee Bit2Me pays may differ from that estimate. All additional fees will be disclosed to the customer at the time of their transaction.

Transactions with cryptocurrencies in Bit2Me

Apart from sending or receiving cryptocurrencies through Bit2Me, customers can also deposit EUROS into their EURO WALLET or withdraw them to their SEPA bank account, buy or sell cryptocurrencies, or exchange one type of cryptocurrency for another.

Bit2Me sets the exchange rate for cryptocurrency transactions by adding a margin, or spread, to the market exchange rate.

Bit2Me fees may vary depending on the customer's location, payment method and other circumstances. In some cases, there may be an additional fee for transfers to and from your bank account.

We will always notify the customer of all Bit2Me fees (excluding margin) and any other service fees that apply to each transaction before the transaction is confirmed. Fees will also be reflected in each customer's transaction history after transaction has been processed.

Bit2Me reserves the right to refuse a transaction if it is unable to complete a corresponding order due to:

  • Changes in the market price of a cryptocurrency.
  • Prolonged order waiting time due to slow server response time.

In rare circumstances, the exchange rate may not be available due to outages or scheduled maintenance.
For more detailed information on the different rates we offer for each of our products and services, you can consult the article: Fees at Bit2Me

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