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What is the Double Factor Authentication (2FA)?

Updated on Wed, 23 Aug, 2023 at 12:14 PM

Two-factor authentication offers additional security in the login process.

To do this you need to download one of these two applications to your device:

Google Authenticator
Twilio Authy

The application generates a single-use 6-digit verification code that will change every 60 seconds to provide additional security.

To activate 2FA in Bit2Me, you have to follow these steps:

  1. Connect to your Bit2Me account from here.

  2. Access the SECURITY button located at the top left.

  3. Click on the SET YOUR 2FA button

  4. You will get a screen with a QR code, a username and a secret password that we will have to keep:

  5. You have to scan this code from the Google Authenticator app or Twilio Authy app by choosing the SCAN A BAR CODE OPTION to capture the QR code with your device's camera or with the private key that appears on the screen.

  6. Once the Google Authenticator app or Twilio Authy app is linked to our Bit2Me account, we will see the 6-digit code that you will need each time we want to connect to Bit2Me.

IMPORTANTIn order not to lose access to your 2FA in case you change your device, we recommend you to synchronize it with your Google account.

    If you lose your 2FA, you can follow these instructions: Have you lost access to your 2FA? 

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