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Bit2Me Fee Structure

Updated on Tue, 20 Jun, 2023 at 2:20 PM

Below is a summary of all the fees we do and we do not charge at Bit2Me:

Deposit fees

Deposit fees include all costs associated with depositing or withdrawing FIAT currency or cryptocurrencies on Bit2Me. They are:

  • Crypto Deposit: No charges by Bit2Me.
  • Crypto Withdrawal: No charges by Bit2Me (network fees may apply).
  • Deposits and withdrawals in Euros via SEPA bank transfer: No charges by Bit2Me (your bank may charge commissions for instant transfers or for exchange rates outside of Bit2Me).
  • Deposit or purchase with debit card, credit card, Apple Pay or Google Pay: If you select card as the payment method when depositing or buying a cryptocurrency, you will be able to see the fees on the summary screen before confirming the purchase. The fees may vary depending on the issuing country of your card and the provider used at any given time for efficiency reasons (we will always choose the best service provider in each country).

Custody and transaction fees (Free of charge)

At Bit2me, we offer our euro and cryptocurrency custody service free of charge, as well as transfers between our clients' accounts are also free of charge.
This allows you to store your euros and supported cryptocurrencies without any costs. In other words, we do not charge fees for the following operations:

  • Transfer of funds to and from the euro wallet.
  • Storage of funds.
  • Account inactivity.
  • Account maintenance.

Bit2Me PRO Fees (Trading)

Our main service connects the orders of users who want to buy cryptocurrency with those of users who want to sell cryptocurrency (and vice versa).

Trading fees range from 0% to 0.60% (depending on volume) and are charged at the time your order is executed. 

You can check here.

If an order is cancelled before being executed, no fee is charged.

Wallet Fees

The fee for the purchase, sale or conversion of all cryptocurrencies through a wallet is shown on the transaction summary screen, before confirming the transaction. Fees depend on many variables, including: the size of the transaction, the currency being transacted, the payment method and current market conditions.

The price indicated at the time of transaction may include a differential (spread) that allows us to temporarily lock your price while your order is processed.

Bit2Me Card Fees

The Bit2Me Mastercard Card has a series of fees which differentiate it from other products. You can check them here.

In addition, Bit2Me Card allows you to pay with Cryptocurrencies or with Euros. In case of using Euros, the transactions are totally free. When using cryptocurrencies for payments, swap fees are applicable.

Bit2Me Earn Fees (Staking, Farming pool and others)

There are no fees for the Earn service either when depositing or withdrawing funds.There are no lock-in periods either, so you can withdraw and add funds whenever you want without waiting. The APY you receive is exactly what you see on the app in real time.

Bit2Me reserves the right to reject a transaction if it is unable to complete a corresponding order due to:

  • Changes in the market price of a cryptocurrency. 
  • A long waiting time for the order due to slow server response time.

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