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Can I lose points or progress from a Space Center mission?

Updated on Wed, 15 Feb, 2023 at 2:29 PM

You can lose points if any of your actions are contrary to the mission that granted them to you and consequently lower your level.

You can complete a mission little by little without having to complete it in a single action. For example: 

If a mission requires that you have to buy 100€ in B2M and hold them and in a first operation you buy 50€ in B2M, Space center will register the purchase and will indicate you as pending 50€ more to complete it. Similarly, if before completing the mission you sell part of your B2M the progress in the mission will be reduced proportionally to this sale. Finally, if once the mission is completed (because you have bought 100€ in B2M) you sell part of your B2M, the mission will be cancelled and you will lose the points obtained for it, so you may level down.

We use the FIFO (Fist In First Out) method for B2M purchase and hold missions, in order to calculate the amount of euros contributed in a mission in a more exhaustive way and to avoid fluctuations as much as possible. For more information on the FIFO method click here.

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