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Buy and hold € in B2M mission. How does it work at Space Center?

Updated on Wed, 15 Feb, 2023 at 12:32 PM

In "Buy and hold € in B2M" mission, Space Center adds up all the purchases you make in both Wallet and Bit2Me Pro taking into account the amount in € paid and not the amount of B2M purchased. Once you have completed the mission you must keep your B2M in Wallet or Earn to avoid losing points.

In other words, even if the B2M market price increases or decreases, the amount required in € in order to complete the mission will remain the same.

The "Buy and hold € in B2M" missions do not expire, but if you sell B2M the mission balance will decrease and you may lose points and level down. Since the progress of a mission in Space Center is linked to the amount of € spent and not to the market value of B2M, when you sell the progress of your "buy and hold B2M" missions will decrease following the FIFO (First In, First Out) method.

With the FIFO method, if you make a sale, the total progress or balance of a mission will decrease following the order of entry of each purchase made. This decrease is calculated with the price set at the time of purchase, for example:

If you buy 10 B2M with 10€, 10€ will be added to the mission with the value of each B2M set at 1€. If you then sell 5 B2M, regardless of the value of B2M on the market, 5€ will be subtracted from the mission (because the value of B2M was set to 1€ in the mission).

In case you make several purchases, Space Center will set a price to the amount of B2M that you have acquired in each one of them, therefore when you sell B2M the value in euros that will be subtracted from the mission will follow the order set in each one of the different purchases. For example: 

If you buy 10 B2M with 10€, 10€ will be added to the mission, setting the B2M value at 1€. Another day you buy 10 B2M with 5€ adding 5€ more to the mission and setting the B2M value for this purchase at 0.5€.
Subsequently, you sell 15 B2M which, regardless of the value of B2M in the market, will be subtracted from the mission by €12.5. This is because 10 B2M with a value of €1 and the remaining 5 B2M with a value of €0.5 from the second purchase are accounted for.

The final balance of the previous mission will be 2,5€. In this way, we achieve a much fairer and more equitable method for all users and for all market conditions.

The objective of implementing this system is to ensure that since B2M is a utility token, the incentives linked to it are independent of market fluctuations.

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