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How does the Affiliate Program work?

The Affiliate Program will give you 1% of the total value of all the purchases and sales completed by the people that registered through your member link.

This is an incentive program for people that recommend our service to friends and family.


  1. To obtain your affiliate link you should go to the Affiliate Page, by clicking here. You will see your link in the page.

  2. Share this link with whomever you want and insure that they register online through your link.  

  3. Every time that someone referred by you purchases or sells, your page will reflect 1% of the amount paid or received in euros.
    The details of your referred purchases and sales will appear on the Affiliate Page.

  4. When you reach the minimum amount of 30€ in your Affiliate Page, you can solicit a withdrawal in bitcoins.                                                                                                                                                      
    You can execute the withdrawal of the bitcoins by pushing a button that is found on the Affiliate Page.


You will be sent the amount of bitcoins equivalent to the amount of euros requested for the withdrawal.


*The exchange rate that is used to convert euros to bitcoins will be the quote recorded by Bit2Me at the time of the withdrawal.

**From the moment that you submit a withdrawal request, it will usually take about 24 hours to send the funds from the Affiliate Page.


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