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How does the Referral Program work?

Updated on Fri, 31 Mar, 2023 at 11:45 AM

At Bit2Me we have developed a win-win referral system where everyone wins: we win, you win, your referrals win, your referrals' referrals win... and the more you get, the more you earn.

When a user is registered on the platform, an account is created in the referral service automatically. This account will have an initial referral code associated with it in order to start using the service (a link to invite friends).

Through the referral system you will be able to create codes, manage them and obtain benefits based on the transactions that your referrals generate on the platform.

How does the Referral Program work?

  • In order a user to be able to link to another user, he has to follow the link/QR code method or access the General Profile section: Link as a referral to add it manually.
  • A user can be linked manually only during the next 7 days after registration, so no further linking is allowed.
  • Once linked, the user will not be able to cancel the subscription.
  • Both your referrals and the referrals of your referrals bring benefits and points for their transactions (up to three grades).

This model shows a diagrammatic model of the hierarchy of a referral. Considering the user as the starting point, your first degree referrals are the children, the referrals of your referrals are the grandchildren and there is a third degree which are the great-grandchildren. The hierarchy would be as follows:


Users will earn benefits as their referrals perform transactions that generate a profit in Bit2Me: These transactions are as follows.

  1. Make cryptocurrency purchase with a credit card.
  2. Make cryptocurrency purchase with Tikebit code.
  3. Make cryptocurrency purchase from Fiat wallet.
  4. Make a sale of cryptocurrency to a Euro wallet.
  5. Exchange between different cryptocurrencies.

For more information you can check the following article: How does Bit2Me point and rank system of the Referral program work?

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