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What is Bit2Me Commerce?

Updated on Wed, 13 Jul, 2022 at 3:02 PM

Bit2Me Commerce is an online payment gateway that facilitates cryptocurrency payments for businesses. It is aimed at companies with e-commerce that want to enable payment with cryptocurrencies. We enable businesses to operate worldwide, reduce costs and reach new markets by providing companies with reliable cryptocurrency processing methods.

What makes us better than others?


• Simple and fast API for all operations 

• Competitive pricing 

• Annual security audit by an independent third party 

• Turnkey business solutions and 24/7 technical support 

• Comprehensive financial reporting for easy reconciliation 

• Multi‐tiered access for your employees 

• Training materials for team education 

• Instant transaction confirmation for popular currencies 

• Loyalty program 

• Blockchain‐based risk scor

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