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How do I sign up in order to accept cryptocurrency payments in my business?

Updated on Wed, 7 Sep, 2022 at 1:02 PM

  1. You have to sign up and verify your account as a company from this form:

  2. Once your company account is validated, we will give you access to Bit2Me Commerce. We will send you an invite to the email address provided by you. This invite will allow you to activate the merchant account. The invite looks like this:

  3. Please click the link below the message to confirm your email address. After that, log into the system using your master email and temporary password. At this point, you need to install the Google Authenticator app on your Android or iOS device. We use 2FA (two‐factor authentication) for all activities and changes in our system. This gives you an extra layer of security. You will need to use the Authenticator every time our system requires you to enter such a code. For more information you can check our article: What is the Double Factor Authentication (2FA)?

  4. After logging in, you will need to create your new password.

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