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Promotions panel - How to access and how does it work?

Updated on Thu, 9 May, 2024 at 2:41 PM

To access the promotions panel, just click on the section called ‘Your promotions’ in the drop-down menu of the mobile application.
On the ‘Your promotions’ screen you have access to a list of all the promotions you have registered for, and you can click on each one to obtain all the information:

  • Status of the promotions in which you have registered:

    •  Completed  You have completed the requirements and will soon receive your reward.

    •  Pending action You have not yet completed the requirements of the promotion, you must meet them before the end of the promotion period.
    •  Not completed You have not met the requirements so you will not receive the reward.
  • Promotional code.

  • Important details and requirements.

  • Link to the terms and conditions.

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