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What is the Bit2Me Token Utility Road Map?

Updated on Tue, 5 Jul, 2022 at 4:08 PM

Our goal is to generate more synergies between the different products and increase the utility of the token in order to become a global reference in terms of tokenomics and utilities that favour the holders, both within the APP and DeFi. In order to achieve this goal we are working on:

  • Enhance B2M use cases.
  • Obtain impact inside and outside the APP and DeFi.
  • Develop a token for global use.

Our token is at the heart of the entire suite of products and provides a number of advantages for holders, such as:

  • Discounts.
  • Higher APY.
  • Exclusive access to new features.
  • Airdrops.

Thanks to B2M the ecosystem will continue growing, thinking of the users who have an essential participation in the global growth of Bit2Me. We want all holders to be part of a Tier so that everyone has access to the advantages that our token brings to the users on our platform. In addition, these advantages will be increased for the entire B2M community by having on mind the suggestions and opinions of all the holders.

The progress of B2M is the success of Bit2Me. That's why we want to break the boundaries between the traditional and crypto world, achieving collaborations and synergies with new partners and implementing our geographical expansion plan in which B2M will be the spearhead.

The token team is constantly growing and working on new updates of the B2M Roadmap, emphasizing the enhancement of new and existing products to expand token use cases.

  • Improved communication system to keep users and holders informed all the time
  • Improved partnership system in order to find synergies that favour the growth and expansion of B2M.
  • Improved geographic accessibility.
  • Ensure the execution and monitoring of B2M tokenomics.

We are working to further integrate B2M together with Bit2Me in order to become one of the key pieces of the company and offer benefits for more than 76K holders.

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