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Frequently Asked Questions: B2M Lockup.

Updated on Thu, 4 Jul, 2024 at 9:44 AM

B2M lockup is a lockup system that allows you to lock your B2M tokens for a limited and optional period of time in return for a higher APY.
This functionality is available for at least 3.17.5. APP version. Lockup option is not available for older app versions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the difference between the Flexible Farming Pool and the Lockup Pool?

In the B2M Flexible Farming Pool at Earn you can add and withdraw funds instantly and for free without any commitment and any lockup conditions.

In the B2M Lockup Pool at Earn you will lock your funds for 3, 6 or 12 months depending on your choice. During the period you chose you will have a "commitment to stay" in return for a higher APY, thus increasing your B2M rewards for the lockup period.

What are the conditions for the Lockup?

The only condition is that you keep the funds locked up for the period of time determined by the Pool you have chosen.

Can I withdraw funds from a Lockup Pool?

Yes, you will be able to withdraw them, but if you do not comply with the only established condition, the consequences will be the following:

  • The total rewards generated during the lockup period will be deducted and added back to the Lockup Pool in order to be distributed among those users who still have their B2M locked up.
  • From the initial funds deposited, 10% will be deducted and added to a separate B2M Pool for the realization of Airdrops that will be distributed to users who keep their funds in a B2M Lockup Pool.
    This B2M Pool can be viewed from the B2M Landing to see the accumulated amount, independently where the "10% of discounted funds" are accumulated of all users who withdraw from a Lockup Pool without fulfilling the conditions.

Bit2Me does not benefit from the deducted amounts in any of the cases. These funds are always added as a benefit to the B2M Holders of the different Pools, thus strengthening the B2M ecosystem.

Can I add funds to a Lockup Pool in which I already have funds?

Yes, you can. It is possible to add funds to a Pool in which you already have funds. Please note that you can only have a total of 4 Pools active: Flexible, 3 months, 6 months and 12 months. Example:

If you have added funds in 6-month Lockup Pool and in 4 months you add more funds in the same Pool, it will be "updated" restarting the lockup date counting again 6 months from the moment you add the new funds.

Rewards generated to date (APY) will remain within the Pool and will be released in 6 months along with the rest of the funds.

If I lock up funds in B2M tokens by mistake, do I have a time to cancel the lockup

This is unlikely to happen that by mistake you send B2M to the Lockup Pool without being aware because a warning message appears stating the following: 

  • Information on B2M tokens locked up and the date of release.
  • Amount that will be deducted in the event that you withdraw funds before the Lockup Pool deadline is met.

In order to finally lock up the funds in order to be sent to the Lockup Pool you must tick the corresponding box in which you accept the conditions and click on the button " Yes, I wish to continue".

Once you have accepted the terms and conditions and clicked the button, there is no longer any possibility to cancel the deposit without being deducted your funds.

Does the B2M Lockup affect missions of Space Center and FIFO system?

No, it doesn't. When lock up B2M tokens in a Pool, they are not unlinked from your account, so the FIFO System of the "Buy and hold € in B2M" missions will count those funds the same as the ones you may have in Wallet, Pro or in the Flexible Pool.

Are withdrawals from a Lockup Pool automatic?

If you have funds in a Lockup Pool and you meet the established period of that Pool (3, 6 or 12 months), you will receive a notification to extend the Lockup period and continue to enjoy higher APY before the release date is reached. Otherwise, once the lockup period is reached, B2M and rewards earned during the lockup will be credited to the Flexible Farming Pool automatically.

If you decide to withdraw the funds before the expiration of the period established in the Lockup Pool in which you participate, the withdrawal will be processed and credited to the Flexible Farming Pool within 24 hours.

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