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What are the advantages of Bit2Me Earn?

Updated on Wed, 15 Feb, 2023 at 4:32 PM


The main advantage of Bit2Me Earn is simplicity. Thanks to a clear interface you can put your cryptocurrencies to work and earn rewards in a couple of clicks.

  • B2M Earn Advantages

  • Competitive APY on major cryptocurrencies
  • Using Bit2Me Earn service is free of charge
  • No fees for the staking service since there is no blockchain transactions
  • Add or withdraw B2M tokens and cryptocurrencies in Bit2Me Earn is instant
  • No minimum or maximum amount to use the staking service.
  • No limits to enter or exit the service
  • No minimum time-limit or locking time. You can enter and exit Bit2Me earn service whenever you want (Except in Ethereum 2.0)
  • You enjoy compound interest automatically
  • You can buy and add cryptocurrencies in Bit2Me Earn with two clicks.

Advantages for B2M holders

  • Get up to ~18% APY with the new Space Pool
  • Get an extra +2% for receiving rewards in B2M
  • Earn daily rewards by choosing to be rewarded in B2M and enjoy a higher compound interest rate
  • Extra rewards for B2M holders with Space Center level
  • Receive B2M rewards in Bitcoin

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4

Level 5

Level 6

Level 7


(Space Pool)








To check all the APY of the cryptocurrencies by level you can go to the Bit2Me Earn section in the app.

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