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How to withdraw funds from a B2M Lockup Pool?

Updated on Thu, 4 Jul, 2024 at 9:41 AM

Before withdrawing funds from a B2M Lockup Pool, please keep in mind that if you withdraw funds from the Pool before the established lockup period and breach the specific terms and conditions, the total amount of rewards you have generated in that Pool as well as 10% of the total amount of B2M you initially blocked will be deducted from the requested withdrawal.

To withdraw funds from a B2M Lockup Pool: 

  1. Access the Earn option from the side menu on the website or from the horizontal menu at the bottom of the screen from the APP.
  2. Select Bit2Me Token (B2M) from the list.

  3. In the "Added to Earn" section, click on the Pool from which you want to withdraw your tokens: 3 months lockup, 6 months lockup or 12 months lockup.

  4. Click on Withdraw funds.

  5. A summary and a warning about the consequences for withdrawing funds before the lockup period for that Pool is met will be displayed. Please read the withdrawal summary and disclosure thoroughly. If you wish to make the withdrawal anyway, click on the  I wanto to continue  button.

  6. A pop up window will be displayed with the amount of B2M you will receive and the amount that will be deducted for the early withdrawal. Click on  Withdraw Locked Funds   button to confirm your withdrawal.

  7. The withdrawal will be confirmed. Click on the  Continue  button to close the window. Once the 24-hour period as indicated in step 5 has been completed, the unlocked B2Ms will be credited to the B2M Flexible Pool, which you will be able to transfer to your Wallet.

This functionality is available for at least 3.17.5. APP version. Lockup option is not available for older app versions.

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