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How long does it take to process a bank transfer (deposit or withdrawal)?

Updated on Mon, 5 Feb, 2024 at 9:00 PM

Bank transfers are administrative processes that banks carry out manually in most cases. This is why they usually take between 24/48 hours to become effective, although this depends on several factors that must be taken into account: The bank, the amount transferred, the type of transfer and the day on which the request is made, as the banks' working hours must be taken into account.

Below are some practical examples of the most common situations:

  • A transfer requested on Monday morning at 9 a.m. could be received the same evening or the following morning. That is, on Tuesday morning.
  • A transfer requested on Tuesday afternoon would not leave the bank until Wednesday morning. So at the earliest it can arrive on Wednesday afternoon, although you will probably receive it on Thursday morning
  • A transfer requested on Thursday afternoon will most likely not be processed by the bank until Friday morning, even if it is debited on the spot. This means that the transfer will reach the recipient on Friday afternoon at the earliest, but you will probably receive it the following Monday morning.
  • A transfer on Friday, Saturday or Sunday will not be processed by the bank until Monday morning, so you will receive it on Monday afternoon at the earliest. You will probably receive it on Tuesday.

The deadline is up to 5 days. After this time to review and analyse the status of your transfer, you can contact us (attaching the proof of the pending transfer) here.

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