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What kind of operations can be done in Bit2Me PRO?

Updated on Thu, 28 Sep, 2023 at 2:45 PM

You can make the following transactions in Bit2Me PRO:


  • it will be executed at the best available price in the order book.
  • it's executed immediately
  • the exact price of the transaction is not guaranteed


  • it allows you to buy or sell at a fixed price that you determine, although depending on how the market moves, you can get a better price
  • it's executed when the market price reaches the fixed price
  • there is no guarantee that the order will be executed


  • the user has to fix 2 prices: STOP PRICE and LIMIT PRICE 
  • when the market reaches the STOP price then the order becomes a LIMIT order.


  • Orders expire every 30 days: they are automatically cancelled.
  • In the case of partially filled orders, they will also be cancelled after 30 days and the amount of the uncompleted order will be unblocked.


When the transaction is a B2M sale, both in Suite and PRO, the FIFO method is applied to the value of the B2M sold. For more information on the FIFO method, see: Buy and hold € in B2M mission. How does it work at Space Center?

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