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Benefits at Earn with Space Center

Updated on Fri, 31 Mar, 2023 at 10:40 AM

With Space Center you can add extra benefits on top of the advantages already offered by Bit2Me EARN.

The higher your level in Space Center, the more benefits you will obtain. These benefits are divided into:

- Extra APY based on all cryptocurrencies. Each cryptocurrency has a different Extra APY that will increase the higher level you have.
- Rewards up to ~13% APY with the new Space Pool for B2M Holders.

The APY corresponds to the estimated annual percentage yield that you can expect to earn as a reward. These percentages may vary according to supply and demand. To this base percentage is added the extra APY corresponding to the Space Center level to which you belong in all Bit2Me Earn cryptocurrencies.

You can check the Extra APY and all the details from your currency wallet in Earn by clicking on "View details".

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