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What are the main features of Bit2Me Card?

Updated on Wed, 24 May, 2023 at 10:01 AM

Bit2Me Card offers several advantages and benefits to users who decide to make their purchases with it. Before you decide to use the card, first may be you want to know its limits, costs and advantages.

Please, check below the summary of the most important points of Bit2Me card:

Permits and payment limits

  • Daily limit: You have a broad limit of up to €2,500 per day.
  • Monthly limit: a monthly limit of purchases up to 20,000 € per month.
  • Online payment
  • Payment at physical stores

Features and benefits

One of the advantages that make Bit2Me card stands out from the competition is that the virtual card can be obtained and configured instantly without delay. It allows contactless payments, it has an instant on/off button, it allows you to change your wallet whenever you need to, it can be added to Google Wallet, it is backed by Mastercard, so you can pay at any merchant practically anywhere in the world. 
In addition, with Space Center you can get extra advantages and benefits. You can check the benefits that Space Center adds to Bit2Me Card in the following article: Benefits in Bit2Me Card with Space Center.

Transparency in our services

At Bit2Me, we are proud to have our users well informed all the time, to informed about the costs and fees involved in each and every transaction made on our platform. And with Bit2Me Card transactions, it will be the same. Below are the fees applied according to the transactions performed:

  • Monthly fees: No charge
  • Maintenance cost: No costs
  • Transaction fee (Crypto wallet): 0,95 %
  • Transaction fee (EURO wallet): 0 %
  • Currency exchange within the European Union (from Euro to another currency): 1 %
  • Currency exchange outside the European Union (from Euro to another currency: 2 %
  • Withdrawal at ATMs within the European Union: 0%
  • Withdrawal at ATMs outside the European Union: 2 %

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