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Bit2Me Earn rewards

Updated on Wed, 7 Feb, 2024 at 8:27 PM

What is a reward?

In cryptocurrencies, rewards are typically incentives offered to users who perform certain activities within a platform or service. In Bit2Me's Earn service, users can receive rewards in the form of cryptocurrencies for keeping their funds deposited on the platform for a certain period of time.

In this regard, rewards are calculated based on the APY, which is the metric that indicates the amount of interest that can be earned per year;

They are updated according to market changes and can be consulted in real time.

How often are rewards given out on Bit2Me Earn?

In Bit2Me Earn you can get daily or weekly rewards depending on the type of periodicity you prefer:

If you block B2M, the reward is delivered daily from 12:00h (GMT +1) onwards.

If you block B2M and receive rewards in Bitcoin, they will be delivered weekly, from 12:00h (GMT +1) onwards.

If you block other currencies and receive the reward in B2M, they will be delivered daily from 12:00h (GMT +1) onwards.

If you block other currencies and receive the reward in the same currency, it is delivered weekly on Monday from 12:00h (GMT +1) onwards.

Rewards are calculated every 30 minutes and accumulate until the time of the payout. The minimum reward that can be received on each deal is €0.001, so you must accumulate at least that amount in order to receive the reward.

Where do these rewards come from?

In the case of B2M rewards, rewards are distributed daily, i.e. every day more than 270,000 B2M are distributed among all participants of the Farming Pool of B2M according to the amount deposited, calculating the reward percentage every 30 minutes.

On the other hand, rewards from cryptocurrencies validated with Proof of Validation, such as Ethereum, come from locking those same cryptocurrencies in validation nodes to secure and maintain the network.

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