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General Information for users

What kind of documents are supported for Bit2Me registration?
In order to verify your account normally you can sign up with your passport or ID card but for some countries it is required another type of docum...
Fri, 23 Jun, 2023 at 3:35 PM
How can I check my email address I have signed up with in Bit2Me?
To check the email we have signed up with there are two options depending on app or web access: Check email by accessing the app On the top l...
Tue, 4 Apr, 2023 at 11:39 AM
I don't receive SMS, how do I proceed?
In case you don't receive the SMS, please check the following situations. Check that you don't have any phone numbers blocked or with “D...
Wed, 19 Oct, 2022 at 9:49 AM
How to check my app version?
In order to check the app version we currently have for iPhone and Android we need to follow the steps below: Open the Bit2Me app and click on M...
Wed, 19 Oct, 2022 at 10:39 AM
How can I check or register my Bit2Me username?
In Bit2Me you can register a user name or alias that will serve to identify you on the platform as well as to receive payments through Bit2Me Pay ...
Fri, 26 May, 2023 at 11:25 AM