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Are there any fees associated with the Bit2Me card?

Updated on Tue, 18 Jun, 2024 at 9:17 PM

No. Bit2Me Card does not have any associated commission or maintenance fee. You will only be charged the amount corresponding to the issuance in the case of the physical Bit2Me Card, which will depend on your Space Center Level. For issuance outside Spain, an extra international handling fee will be applied. See article:  Bit2Me Card - Costs and Limits

¡IMPORTANT! Remember that, in the case of a purchase refund, the amount of the purchase paid to the establishment in Euros will always be taken as a reference. And therefore, the same amount of the equivalent purchase in Euros will be refunded to the corresponding cryptocurrency wallet.

In the case of purchases and/or redemption of purchases from and to the EURO purse, no swap fees will be applied.

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