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What are the benefits of Space Center?

Updated on Mon, 22 May, 2023 at 3:54 PM

Space Center is a system of levels created to benefit all users in a simple and accessible way. Each of the levels is associated with a series of benefits, so that the higher the level you belong to, the greater your advantages and benefits in all the services and products of the Bit2Me Suite will be. To learn how to level up click here.

Products and services with advantages and benefits:


With Space Center you can get up to 100% discount on commissions applied to all purchase, sale or swap transactions in your Bit2Me Wallet.

Some transactions have a commission cost applied by Bit2Me and the percentage of benefit is applied on this commission.
For old Tier users, we maintain the Wallet discounts for one year (more info here).
See all the benefits of Wallet with Space Center here.


Thanks to Space Center you will get a great APY in B2M with Space Pool and an Extra APY on all Bit2Me Earn cryptocurrencies. The higher your level in Space Center the more Extra APY % you will get over the base APY %.
See all Earn benefits with Space Center here.


With Space Center you will get priority access and participation in new projects launched on Launchpad. The higher your level in Space Center, the higher your chances of being able to access the pre-sale tokens of major projects launched in Bit2Me.

More information. 

Bit2Me Card

Get up to 9% cashback on all purchases you make with Bit2Me Card.

Cashback rewards is the reimbursement of a percentage of the purchase made and with Space Center you can recover up to 9% of your purchases. These benefits always depend on the level of Space Center in which you are, the higher the level, the more cashback.
Check out all the Bit2Me Card benefits you can get with Space Center here.

For users who belong to a Tier level, wallet discounts will be maintained for one year. Check the article: What discount is applied to me in Wallet if I've already had Tier?

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