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How should you take the registration photos?

Updated on Mon, 6 May, 2024 at 8:46 PM

To take the photographs correctly, you need to pay attention to focus and light so that they are clearly legible. When photographing the document, we recommend that you place it on a table or firm surface, as this will reduce movement in the image.

When starting the verification process, the first screen displays instructions to be taken into account. Before you click on the Verify Identity button, make sure you have your identification document at hand: 

  • National Identity Card (Recommended and accepted for all countries).
  • Passport (Accepted for all countries except users with Spanish nationality and residents in Brazil).
  • Driving licence (Only for residents in Brazil).

When you start the process, don't forget to activate and give permissions to your device's camera to take the 3 necessary photos:

  1. Front of the document. Centre the front of the document within the frame you will see on screen. The edges of the frame will turn green when the image is detected and will automatically take the picture. When you have successfully registered you will be prompted to prepare the reverse side of the document. Press  Continue .
  2. Back of the document. Frame the image inside the frame until the edges are marked in green and the photograph is taken automatically. When it has been successfully registered, you will be prompted to prepare the back of the document. Press  Continue .
  3. Facial recognition. Finally, frame your face in the oval frame and look into the camera so that your eyes are visible.


  • Before starting the process, make sure you have correctly indicated the document to which you are going to take the photographs: nationality, country issuing the document and type of document. If the information indicated does not match that of your document, the system will not read it correctly and will reject your identity.
  • Photographs must be taken on the physical document, original and in good condition.
  • Sometimes the verification needs to be checked manually, so we will contact you when it has been checked.
  • For facial recognition, your face must be clear to be most effective: gather your hair and remove your glasses. 

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