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How does the Launchpad position work?

Updated on Thu, 10 Mar, 2022 at 9:57 AM

The chart reflects your position in the overall ranking of the project participants.

It will depend on two conditions:

  1. Number of B2M tokens: wallet, earn, locked
  2. Date and time of first request made

Example: if two users have the same tokens, the date of the first  request made will count.


  • We cannot assure how many people will enter the public phases, as it will depend on the amount of tokens each person will buy from those available in each phase.
  • If you modify the quantity you wish to purchase, the first date on which you made the request will be reflected.
  • If you cancel your participation, you will lose your first participation date.

For more information, please read: What tokens will be counted in the participation of the public phases?

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