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How to open a business account in Bit2Me?

Bit2Me already allows to create professional accounts that can be used by companies, freelancers, NGOs, foundations, associations, government institutions, or any other legal institution that is different than a natural person (known as a personal account).

Creating this type of account is FREE, and you will enjoy the same operation, having access to all Bit2Me services, including: buying, selling, exchanging, storing, sending or receiving cryptocurrencies.

To do this, the first thing you need to do is create a user account in Bit2Me, if you don't have one yet. This will only take a few seconds.

Later you must link the identity of the account created in Bit2Me to the company one. For business accounts you should not follow the verification process via the web.

Send us an email, from the email address linked to your Bit2Me user account, to corporate@bit2me.com saying that you are interested in opening a Business Account and we will send you instructions with the steps you need to follow.

Account verification is a manual procedure, so the activation process can take several hours. Once the identity has been verified, it will be communicated by email to the email linked to the user account. 

You must bear in mind that the objective of this process, and what is legally required from us, is to know our client, that’s why all this information is necessary.

Other extra information may be required by our identity verification department. Also it’s important to know that since user account is linked to a company identity it becomes a company account and since then in case of bank transfers, you can add funds to your account from company bank accounts only.

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