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How to open a business account in Bit2Me?

How to open a business account in Bit2Me?

Bit2Me already accepts to create professional accounts that can be used by companies, freelancers, NGOs, foundations, associations, government institutions, or any other legal training other than that of a natural person (known as a personal account).

  1. Company data:
    • Name
    • CIF / National company identifier.
    • Full address.
    • Constitution date.
    • Writing of the company with information about the activity.

  2. Last corporate tax (if any).

  3. Proof of residence of the company: an invoice of the last 3 months on a service such as water, electricity, telephone or payment of taxes where the address can be clearly seen.

  4. Data of the company administrator and the partners with more than 25% of shares (if any):
    • Photo of the identity document in front and behind.
    • Photo of the person holding in his hand the document and a paper with a text as explained here.

IMPORTANT: If the company is formed totally or partially by some other company with more than 25% of the shareholding you must provide for each of them all the information requested here for the original company that you wish to register.

All documents are necessary and must be clearly visible. If you have any questions, you have us at your disposal, both by phone and by mail and chat.

Account verification is a manual procedure, so the activation process may take several ho

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