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Authorize new device

Updated on Wed, 2 Jun, 2021 at 2:22 PM

One of the security measures that Bit2Me is proud to have is access protection by authorized device.

This security barrier protects those users who, without knowing it, have exposed their password.

However, in those cases, Bit2Me will protect you from unauthorized connections by preventing those unauthorized people from accessing your account.

For this Bit2Me ALWAYS asks to validate by email each new device that tries to access your user account.

How does it work? 

When you access your user account with the email and password, and after entering the 2FA if you have it configured (or the code received by SMS or email if Bit2Me considers it appropriate), in case the device / IP used has not accessed to your account in the last 30 days, Bit2Me will ask you to verify the device through an email that will reach you instantly.

To do this, you must click on the button that will appear in the email with the text "Authorize device". Once you click on this button, you will be redirected to the Bit2Me login page, the device being authorized and asking you to login again.

Why we do this at Bit2Me?

Bit2Me wants to protect you as much as possible from any attempt to improperly access your account. Among our security measures we have:

  • Email / Password
  • TOTP: 2FA, email, phone
  • Behavior analysis
  • Authorized Devices

All of this meeting the highest standards of our internal and external cybersecurity team.

Bit2Me has been operating since 2014, with a high knowledge of cybersecurity applied to exchange houses.

Phising / Impersonation

Bit2Me only offers its services under the URL and its subdomains (words between "https: //" and "", such as account:

However, some clients may fall victim to scammers and fall into urls that look like but are not from Bit2Me.
For example or (it's not an i, it's a lowercase L). This security measure solves those scenarios. In phishing, the attacker creates a copy of a website's login, and shares the link through social networks (for example, to fans of the Bit2Me Facebook page).

If the user who receives the message does not realize it, even though the URL is not, and tries to access their account, they will have given their email and password to the attacker. This fake page may even ask you for the second factor of the user.

This is where this extra security measure comes in.

Although the attacker may have the necessary data to access at the same moment that the deceived client gives him the data, thanks to this security barrier the attacker will never be able to access the victim's account. This is because the system will detect that an unauthorized IP is wanting to access the account, sending a notice to the account's email, and asking to authorize the device.

Possible problems and doubts

  • Bit2Me shows an error when verifying my device
    You can only authorize an IP if you are connected to that same IP. In case you want to give access to another person, you will have to resend the email that Bit2Me has sent you to authorize the device.

  • How long is the device authorize link valid?
    You have 10 minutes to authorize the device from the moment you receive the email.

  • How long is the device authorized for?
    For 30 days from the moment of authorization.

  • I have received a message to access my account, and I do not recognize the device
    If Bit2Me sends you that email it is because someone is accessing your account. If it has not been you, it means that someone has your password. However, don't worry, he can't access your user account or view any of your private information.

    Simply go to, connect to your user account and change the access password.

    After that, reflect on what you have done in the past to see if you have been able to enter your Bit2Me password somewhere that was not Bit2Me, or if you had your password stored somewhere that could have been accessible to unwanted eyes.

IMPORTANT: Always use unique passwords. Do not use a password that you are already using in another service as an access password, since they compromise the security of any service where you use that password, they will also have the password of Bit2Me.

  • I do not receive an email, What do I do?
    Normally, you will get an email instantly,  nevertheless, due to Bit2Me external reasons, the delay may take a few seconds to be delivered. If you don’t receive the email, have on mind several things below:
  1. You are reviewing the appropriate e-mail address.
  2. The post has not fallen on the carpet of Spam.
  3. It has a push button to synchronize to receive new emails.
  4. The internet connection has not been dropped by checking the electronic mail.
  5. The web of your e-mail tray, the computer / smartphone program you use works correctly.

In case you do not receive the electronic mail, do not worry, contact our support and one of our technical staff will review your situation in details.

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