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How do I verify my Bit2Me account? Step by Step…

In order to buy and sell on Bit2Me you need to verify your account. To do this, you first have to fill in your data (name, surname, identity number, nationality, date of birth ...)

  1.  Open Bit2Me page and scroll to ACCESS (at the top)

  2. Log in with your email and password.

  3. Once GENERAL profile has been completed (email, username and phone number) press the button COMPLETE YOUR ACCOUNT

  4. There are 3 steps during verification process: EMAIL, PHONE NUMBER and IDENTITY


  5. Once you have verified your email and your phone number, you have to verify your IDENTITY in 2 steps: Information and Identity

  6. After required fields have been completed, you can start the process

  7. We choose the country of dispatch and type of ID document

  8. In order to send the ID document, there are 2 ways: take picture (with the camera) or using your mobile phone (with a QR code you need to scan).

  9. In order to take the pictures we have clear and simple instructions (front part and back part of the document and selfie) following the instructions here:  How to take the pictures during registration??

  10. Once all the data has been filled in, our Verifications department has to make the verification.

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