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Bit2Me costs and limits

Updated on Fri, 9 Sep, 2022 at 11:07 AM

OperationsPayment MethodsCommissionMinimum QantityMaximum Quantity
B2M Token Promotion
Buy B2M Token
Euro WalletFree + Swap 0,95%1€
Debit or credit cardFree + Swap 0,95%1€5000€ / day
 TIKEBITFree Swap 0,95%20€1000€ / day
Exchange cryptocurrencies for B2M Token
Bit2Me Wallet0,95%Equivalent 1€
SellBit2Me Wallet0.95%0.10€


OperationsPayment MethodCommissionsMinimum quantityMaximum quantity
FIAT (euro)
Tranfer bankFree1€
Debit or credit cardAdditional cost of 1.99% (European Union ZONE card) or 4.99% (rest of the world card)1€5000€ / day
 TIKEBITFree20€1000€ / day
Withdraw money  to a SEPA accountBank transferFree10€
Debit or credit card
0.95% + additional cost of 1.99% (European Union ZONE card) or 4.99% (rest of the world card) 
1€5000€ / day
 TIKEBIT0.95%20€1000€ / day
Sell  cryptocurrencies in EUROBit2Me Wallet0.95%0.10€
Exchange cryptocurrenciesBit2Me Wallet0.95%Equivalent 0.01€
Send cryptocurrencies to the networkBit2Me WalletMining fee
See table Minimum quantity to send
Receive cryptocurrencies from the network Bit2Me WalletFreeEquivalent 0.01€
BOTHTransfer: move funds between own wallets of the same currency
Bit2Me Wallet


Bit2Me Pay

Free0.25 €2000 € / day

There may be price differencies due to the market liquidity and order execution time due to cryptocurrency price fluctuations.

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