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Mastercard Crypto Credential FAQs

Updated on Wed, 29 May, 2024 at 8:40 PM

Mastercard Crypto Credential establishes a set of common standards and infrastructure to help secure a way for trusted, compliant and verifiable transactions to take place on public blockchain networks.

  1. What is Mastercard Crypto Credential?
    The crypto credential is an easy to remember, straightforward alias to help consumers share wallet addresses with one another.

  2. Where can I use Crypto Credentials?
    The Crypto Credentials service can be used to both deposit and send funds between the Bit2Me, Lirium and Mercado Bitcoin exchanges.

  3. What tokens are supported by Crypto Credentials? 

    The tokens available to send and receive funds are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and BNB.

  4. Why use Mastercard Crypto Credential?

    A simple alias, as opposed to a wallet address, helps to improve the consumer experience and reduce the possibility of errors when shipping, receiving cryptocurrencies from external wallets or storing cryptocurrencies on a public blockchain network.

  5. How does a Mastercard Crypto Credential affect blockchain addresses?

    The alias and a blockchain address have the same function. The alias is just a simplified version of the blockchain address. A Crypto Credential alias does not remove or modify any existing blockchain address.

  6. Who is eligible to sign up for a Mastercard Crypto Credential?
    Any consumer who sends, receives or stores crypto on a public blockchain network can register for a Mastercard Crypto Credential.

  7. Does Mastercard Crypto Credential charge a fee to sign up?
    No, there is no fee associated with registering for a Mastercard Crypto Credential.

  8. Is Mastercard involved in crypto transactions?
    Mastercard is not involved in sending, receiving or securing crypto. All digital asset transactions are handled by the exchanges.

  9. What is Mastercard’s role?
    Mastercard establishes a set of standards and infrastructure that allows secure, trusted and compliant transactions before the crypto is exchanged between participants. In addition, a Mastercard Crypto Credential username gives consumers the convenience and security they need to confidently transact on the blockchain.

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