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How to receive a transaction at Bit2Me with memotag?

Updated on Thu, 24 Nov, 2022 at 9:07 AM

For some tokens, Bit2Me accounts have a single generic deposit address. That's why in order to identify the holder and the account where a certain transaction has to be deposited it is necessary to include the MEMO / TAG / REFERENCE. Please, see article List of crytocurrencies supported at Bit2Me in order to check which token requires it.

The Memo is alphanumeric, it has to be included on all deposits that require it and always make sure you include it correctly. Failure to include this information may result significant transaction delays and, in certain cases, may be unrecoverable.

When depositing a token on the Bit2Me platform with the Memotag features a unique "Memo" will be generated. This Memo is additional information that has to be included when sending a transaction. For more information check the article What is the Destination Tag?

IMPORTANT: In case you have foorgotten to indicate the memo when sending your transaction to Bit2Me wallet, please fill in the form here

What can I do if the external platform does not give me the memotag option? 

If the platform from which you want to send the transaction does not allow you to add the Tag | Memo | Ref field, you have to follow the steps below:

  1. You should send the transaction to a DeFi wallet that allows receiving transactions without Memo tag and allows the option to send with Memo tag. For example Exodus.

  1. Once the transaction has been received in your DeFi wallet, you have to send it by indicating the address and memo of your Bit2Me wallet.

What can I do if I have sent a transaction from Bit2Me to another platform without indicating Memo / Tag / Reference?

If you have sent a transaction from Bit2Me to another platform without entering the Memo and the destination platform requires a memo, you have to reach the destination platform to try to recover the funds and follow their instructions.

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