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How to send cryptocurrencies?

Updated on Fri, 16 Feb, 2024 at 8:21 PM

In Bit2Me you can send cryptocurrencies both internally, between your wallets or between Bit2Me users, and to external wallets or platforms.
For any of these cases, follow the steps below:

  1. Click on the "Operations" button. Blue square button that you will find in the horizontal menu at the bottom of the screen (Mobile APP version).
  2. From the options, click on "Withdraw".

  3. From the options, click on "Send crypto" .

  4. Choose the type of shipment you are going to make:

    • To a user of Bit2Me, via Email / Phone number (Sending only between Bit2Me users).

      • Select the token from the list.

      • Enter the email or phone number with which the receiving user is registered with Bit2Me.

    • A external address (Blockchain, network).

      • Select the token from the list.

      • Select your shipping network from those available. More info here.

      • Indicates the destination wallet address.

      • Enter the Memo/Tag if the cryptocurrency and target platform requires it. More info here.

  5. Indicate the quantity you want to send and click on the button  SEND .

  6. Review the information on the summary screen and click on  ACCEPT  to confirm the shipment.

If you click on the option to withdraw from the token itself, you will also have the option to send between your wallets. 

  • Select your other wallet where you want to send the cryptos or create a new one by clicking on "Add".


  • A remittance to an external wallet address cannot be cancelled or reversed. The user is solely responsible for fraudulent and/or erroneous shipments (wrong network, memo/tag not added).
  • Not all cryptocurrencies can be sent to an external wallet. If a cryptocurrency cannot be sent to an external wallet, the option will not be active.
  • If you experience an error message when processing a submission, please contact support: open a ticket .

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